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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing It Yourself

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing It Yourself

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Is it worth it?

There are several things to consider before renting carpet cleaning equipment from your local home improvement store. The average cost of renting carpet cleaning equipment per day with tax and cleaning solution is roughly $78 – $108, depending on where you live. While that may seem like a good price for an entire day, remember the time needed to move furniture, cleaning the machine afterwards, and extra time needed to prep and clean past stains.

How well do rented carpet machines work?

Rental units do a sufficient job of cleaning a carpet’s surface, but aren’t powerful enough to remove as much dirt as professional cleaning equipment. To do a really good job, you would have to go over the carpet several times, especially areas with pet odor or heavy stains. It can be done however, but very tiresome — carrying buckets of water back and forth, and your carpets will take at least 4-6 hours to be completely dry.

Save Time and Money

Get the most out of your buck and let the experts take care of your carpets. When you hire an experienced, skilled cleaner for the job, not only will the task get done faster with better quality, but your carpets will stay clean for a much longer period of time. We are experts on stain removal, odor control, and unlike store bought cleaners, our products don’t have harsh chemicals. Take a look at our packages deal and be sure to ask for any ongoing specials or discounts.

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