What Our Customers Are Saying

“I needed to arrange spot carpet cleaning for a corporate customer on short notice. I was fortunate to find City Steam Clean during my internet search. Very professional and the best at what they do. They are now my “go to” for carpet cleaning!”

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Regularly cleaned commercial carpet will help remove heavy dirt, bacteria build-up, and common allergens. This promotes a healthy work environment while also increasing the lifespan of your carpet. Carpets that look new and are well-maintained can significantly improve a company or organization’s professional image.

How often should you deep clean your business space?

This depends on how heavy your traffic levels are and your type of industry. It can vary from once a month to twice a year. For restaurants or retail stores, it is best to clean your carpets monthly to rid foul odors and tough stains from foods or beverages. Office spaces or firms should be deep cleaned 1-2 times per year to maintain an overall appearance. Whether you’re a busy daycare or medical facility, we can help you transform your business and make it look brand new again.

Don’t just cover up odors – Neutralize and eliminate them.

We are experts in removing unpleasant odors. We begin by vacuuming and pre-inspecting all problem areas. Then we move on to pre-conditioning difficult stains, working carefully around your office or business furniture to make sure we get in those hard to reach areas. Our cleaning agents work to absorb and break down odor causing molecules. We also apply a coating of carpet protectant and use less water to decrease drying times as well as reducing the rates of moisture buildup.

Go Green with City Steam Clean!

With our professional hands-on cleaning process, we use products that are chemical and hazardous free. Brighten up the carpet in your establishment with our eco-friendly services and make a lasting impression on clients and customers to keep them returning. We understand you don’t just want your carpets cleaned; you want them to last, and we do, too! Schedule your next carpet care appointment with one of our premier packages today.